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ICZ Medical Group is a Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies Supplier based in Chicago, Illinois. ICZ Medical Group along with the Pain Management Center is led by Dr. Chimgee Batuu.

Dr. Chimgee is an MD from Mongolia. She has been practicing Naprapathic medicine for the last 8 years in the United States and has 26 years experience, correcting back and joint disorders.

Nearly four out of five people suffer from back pain at least once during their lifetime. For some people back pain is triggered by vigorous physical activity such as lifting heavy objects or bending over to work in their garden. Back pain can also result from bad posture or repetitive work.
In other cases back pain or spasm is sudden and can not be specifically explained.

After extensive research, Dr.Chimgee believes FDA approved device offered by ICZ Medical Group can alleviate many back problems, without resorting to more invasive, painful and expensive procedures.

Dr.Chimgee has listed the manufacturer's indications and contraindications that merit the use of this device on this website.

Most private insurance companies and Medicare  will pay for this device with a doctor's prescription.